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François Combeau Helsingissä 14.-15.9.2024


Teema / Theme

The shoulder girdle, mobility of the arms,  freedom of the head and the upper part of the chest

La / Sat 13-18
Su / Sun 10-14.30

Opettaja / Teacher: François Combeau

Due to its light, fine and highly articulated structure, and its articulation with the spine at the level of the cervico-dorsal hinge (C7/D1), the shoulder girdle, as if suspended, allows great mobility of the arms in all directions of movement. The emergence of the neck and head from this cervical hinge ensures its rotation like a real periscope carrying the sense organs. It also contributes to the freedom of the upper part of the chest, allowing easier, more comfortable and functional respiratory development as well as an important relaxation of the throat…

Anatomical observation clearly shows us that the pelvis, due to its very dense and bony structure, has the function of ensuring our balance, the stability of our supports, the efficiency of our movements and the development of strength. The shoulder girdle, on the other hand, is made up of very light, fine and wonderfully articulated bones, and designed to allow us to express with great freedom our relationship to the world and to others, to act in a very fine and differentiated way, to use instruments and tools, to communicate, touch, feel and receive stimulation…

The numerous explorations offered will allow each participant to:

* Discover and better understand the different joints that animate the shoulder girdle, articulation between the head of the arm and the clavicle, between the clavicle and the sternum, between the neck and the dorsal thoracic spine (C7/D1), articulation between the first vertebrae dorsal…

* Develop real mobility of the scapula and its sliding on the ribs in all spatial directions, without which the arm cannot find its freedom of movement and the rib cage its functional engagement in respiratory development.

* Find relaxation in the shoulders and particularly in the different fibers of the “trapezius” muscles (relationship between the shoulder blade, the head and the dorsal column) on which many psychosomatic tensions linked to our way of living, our habits and acquired attitudes are fixed in the near past as in childhood

* Free the sternum and regain its suspension, allowing it to play its role as a true “figurehead” for our travels…

* Find more elasticity in all these links between the head and the rib cage, many of which pass through the throat, the suspensors of the larynx, etc.


François Combeau  is a Feldenkrais teacher and Trainer.

As a teacher/practitioner of the Feldenkrais Method® for 35 years, Francois Combeau has a wide range of teaching experience of ATM® lessons, including  weekly classes, theme series, and numerous seminars in Paris, throughout Europe and in Detroit (Michigan), for professionals in the fields of the arts, athletics and health.
He also works with individuals helping them to develop a fuller quality of life – physically, mentally and emotionally. 

As an experienced Assistant-trainer and than Trainer, he has been involved in many training in Europe, in Paris with Myriam Pfeffer, in Liege, Belgium with Yvan Joly, in Bad Windshiem, Germany with Mark Reese, and in the U.S. with Anat Baniel.  These trainers have in many ways been his mentors.  Francois has taught advanced training in France, Sweden, Switzerland, Germany and the U.S.  He has also the desire to share the experience he developed teaching for 15 years in small continuity educational training’s, creating a very interactive, precise and supportive way of working with students.

Kurssin opetuskieli: englanti /
Teaching language: English

Paikka / Place:
Studio Yama
(Aleksanterin teatterin 4. kerros)
Bulevardi 23-27, Helsinki

Kurssin hinta / Price: 195€
Tili / Account: FI66 5318 0920 0227 34 Viesti / Message: FC 2024

Ilmoittautumiset ja tiedustelut / Registration and info:
marie.korkko@gmail.com / +358 40 832 8519 / Marie Körkkö


Osanottajamäärä on rajoitettu – paikat täytetään ilmoittautumisjärjestyksessä.
The number of participants is limited – places are filled in order of registration.

Ilmoittautuminen on voimassa heti kun kurssimaksu on maksettu.
Registration is valid as soon as the course fee has been paid.


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